The following pictures were shot at one of my favourite places. Crossness is a former sewage pumping station built in the 19th Century by Sir Joseph Bazzalgette. It is now being restored, and has days when it is open to the public. There website is here Crossness Pumping Station. Well worth a visit. Check it out.

Pictures on the left are all HDR, processed using SNS-HDR Pro and shot using my Canon 6D and 11-24mm lens.

The pictures below are all HDR, and shot with my Canon 24mm TS-E. This lens is special because it allows you to tilt, and/or shift the front part of the lens. The first three, and the last picture, were all shot on a tripod, and by shifting the lens from left to right and combining both images you can shot in a sort of wide screen 16 x 9 ratio. Check them out, and see for yourself. Click below.


These are my London pictures from 2009. If you have already seen them from the ‘My Photo Story’ page, they are the same. If not, take a look. Most of them are HDR, but not all. Can you spot which is which? Click Below.

Now this is a little different. It is a 360 Panorama, but in HDR. The reason that you can tell this, is that you can see outside, as well as inside in the same picture. Click the picture below. If you then move the mouse, and hold down the left mouse button, and look at the wall to your left. You will see all of the colour definitions of the ceiling lights. This shows you that there is more dynamic range, than just a single picture.

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The pictures on the left are from a local Art Show.

The close up stills were shot using my Cannon 24-105mm. They were all shot in daylight, and taken in a single exposure handheld.

Pictures within the sequence showing the overall room space, were conversely shot using my Canon 11-24mm, five exposures and processed using the HDR program SNS-HDR Pro.