I have a very dear friend call Liz. Who is a fully qualified Hatton Garden trained jeweller.

When she told me that she would like some pictures of her unique hand made Jewellery, I just couldn’t wait.

As this was my first product shoot, I did not want to hire a live model.

So, instead I purchase a new mannequin, set up the studio, and these are the results.

All of these shots are taken handheld, even the tightest close ups.

The next set of stills are from another good friend of mine called Kevin. Now Kevin is an expert in glass making. As you can see if you click on the left. All of these were again taken handheld in the studio.

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So how did I get started in product photography?

Well it all started when I saw some pictures of a Canon 40D camera for sale on E-bay. I had never see pictures that were that detailed. I E-mailed the seller and asked “How did you do that?” He explained that he set up some studio strobe lights, and did not use a light tent, because it removed all of the definition from the object.

The pictures on the left are my results.