You can, if you want to, start messing about with reversing rings to find out what Macro is all about.

However, what you really need is a proper Macro lens. I decided to purchase the Canon 100mm f/2.8L IS. This lens has a special feature of being able to correct lens shift movement, as well as angular movement.

Judge the results for yourself, on the left.

This first set was hand held at Eltham Palace, one of my favourite places, and remember the 100mm is a prime lens, and is very good for non-Macro use. See if you can spot some in this set?

Now this next set is very special. The jewellery has been made by a very dear friend of mine call Liz, who is a fully qualified Hatton Garden trained jeweller. So these pieces needed some special care in there photography.  No hand held shots here!

If you need to get a product piece fully in sharp focus, the only we to do it, is use ‘focus stacking’. This is how pictures 4,5,6, and 7 were produced.

Did you notice picture number 3? (see picture below) This one is very different. It is a Macro Panorama! Photographed in a semi-circle, but displayed in a rectilinear format.