This is a complete subject within itself. All of these pictures have been taken using a second hand E-bay Canon 30D. This I had modified by ACS of Norfolk. They removed standard filter that blocks IR and replaced it with a 665nm IR pass filter. This filter allows some colour through into the picture.The results are all below. You could use an R72 filter, however, my advice, don’t bother.

Some of my very first pictures.

Some much latter pictures, this time Eltham Palace.

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These pictures were shot with my 8mm Fisheye lens, and add a much more surreal feeling to the shots.

These pictures were shot using my standard kit lens from my 40D, a Canon 17-85mm.

You have to be very careful, because some of the best L series lenses cause an IR bloom effect. As these lenses are constructed and coated to stop the longer IR wave length of light. This, you would not normally want to see in your pictures.

This really is a case where less is more, if you shoot IR!

IR can also be used to take pictures of people. The picture on the left is my niece Lhiane.