As you well know, Eltham Palace is one of my very favourite places. I will be attempting to follow in the footsteps of one of the most prestigious photographers of the 30’s and 40’s Alfred E. Henson (1885-1972). Alfred worked as a staff architectural photography for Country Life (magazine) and took some of the only high quality pictures of the Palace in 1936-1937. In fact, his pictures were used in the restoration of the Palace in 1992, when English Heritage took over responsibility for the site.

Here are Alfred Henson's original Country Life pictures taken in  1936/37.

Here are some of my HDR pictures that are not included above.

I have been seeking permission from English Heritage to re shoot Alfred Henson's pictures, inside Eltham Palace, using a free standing monopod. As I now have this permission, one of the projects for next year (2016-17) will be to revisit the same rooms and re shoot Alfred's pictures, using modern equipment. This project will be a real plus for me to carry out.

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Here we have  Alfred Henson's original Country Life pictures followed by my HDR pictures taken in September 2017.

So you can now get a ‘side-by-side’ comparison.

2017 update, most of the inside pictures are now completed, this leaves me to shoot the outside pictures to finish the project.

All of my pictures have been taken using a Canon 6D full frame camera, Sirui EP-224S monopod, Canon TS-E 24mm lens, Canon TS-E 17mm lens, Canon 11-24mm lens and a Promote control unit. I shot up to 9 pictures in an HDR sequence, using SNS-HDR Pro software as well as Photoshop and Lightroom to complete the workflow.