360 Product

On the left are objects that I started to use when I was setting up the Studio for 360 Product photography. Click on the picture, and then select your item from the web page, to view in full 360.

On the right, are Lanterns that a good friend of mine, Kevin made the glass for. Again click on the picture and then select the item you want to spin. The first set of Lanterns were unlit, the second set were lit with LED lights, and the third with a tea light. The last selection are macro shots that accompany the set, these were all shot hand held. The very high speed of the studio strobes removes any hand held vibrations. I used my Canon 100mm F2.8L Macro IS for these shots.

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My good friend Richard has started making Rock climbing bags to hold chalk. On the left are the 360 pictures photographed using the same techniques as above.

My good friend Jacqui has a husband who works within the pharmaceutical industry. The pictures on the right show a heart monitor in 360. At the end of the sequence are a set of macro stills.