Here is the Bungalow in 2004 (before we purchased it), with a builder friend of mine looking round. This clip is interesting, because is was shot on that old 2M pixel camera. With the lens that was not wide enough, so the stills had to be stitched together.

It was then animated, using a program call Imaginate, that allows you to fly over pictures with a 3D effect. You will see this effect used a lot in video documentaries.

Anyway enjoy this short clip.

This is the bungalow today, after being rebuilt.

And this is my partner after one too many removal sessions!

The Bungalow in 360.

This was created by using HDR (three images) and Photomatix Pro. PTGui for the stitching, and then finally Pano2VR for the Html5 with Flash fallback.

So now back to My Photo Story

One last picture to end our Bungalow story. This is our kitchen, shot with the Canon 11-24mm lens. Is this picture HDR?